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About us

The original Paxster Delivery was developed by Loyds Industri AS in cooperation with Posten Norge AS between 2011-13. The project was aimed at finding solutions to the growing pressure on postal organizations to make last-mile distribution more cost-efficient, while at the same time reducing negative environmental impact. 


In 2015 Paxster was established as a separate legal entity in order to further cultivate our focus on finding efficient solutions to last-mile delivery and smart cities. Loyds and Paxster are physically located on the same address and many shared functions. 

Paxster now has a global presence, with vehicles and services operating across Europe and in Oceania (New Zealand). 

Loyds Industri AS

For more information about Loyds Industri AS, please visit their website by clicking on the logo.

Also, be sure to visit their blog - LOYDSBLOGGEN!

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HTS Hans Torgersen & Sønn

Paxster owned by the HTS Group. HTS Group is a fourth-generation family-owned company with a global presence. HTS Group is committed to delivering the highest quality and safety standards across its entire product range. That includes child seats (BeSafe), helmets (Etto), bike seats and trailers (Hamax), car roofboxes (Packline), utility vehicle equipment (Loyds) and electric vehicles (Paxster). 

Click on the logo to visit their web-site. 


& environmental commitment

Paxster AS is committed to providing high-quality products and services, with minimal environmental impact. We want to be a contributing party
to the UNs 11th Sustainability Goal. From
day one our range of vehicles is designed with environmental impact and electric mobility in mind. Beeing ISO-14001 approved, environmental considerations are made in every action we make.

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Bredmyra 3, 1739 Borgenhaugen. Norway

+47 69 97 15 00