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LED Headlamp Upgrade

Recommended Upgrade

Upgrade your vehicle with our new LED Headlamps. The lamps provide a sharper, stronger light and lift the overall appearance of the vehicle. No service required!

LED Brake Lamp, Top Mounted

For added safety

Provide additional safety for your drivers with the top-mounted LED brake lamp.

LED Work Lamp

Can be fitted on both sides

The work lamp provides excellent light and can be installed on both sides of the vehicle.  Ideal for anyone who uses the vehicle at dark times of the day.

LED Compartment Lamp

For increased comfort

Install the LED Compartment lamp to get full overview of your cargo, even in low light conditions. Ideal for anyone who uses the vehicle at dark times of the day.

Cargo Box LED Lamp

Recommended Upgrade

By installing the cargo box LED lamp, sorting and finding cargo in the rear cargo box is easy, even at dark times of the day. The light turns on automatically when door is open.



Pilot Jacket - Qualitex

Available in red and blue.
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Water and wind resistant, in breathing Qualitex membrane. Padded lining. Reflective tape on shoulders and sleeves. Fleece lining in collar and front pockets, concealed zipper under strom flap in front, elastic waist, rib in sleeve hem. Map pocket, cell phone pocket with exterior ID-card pocket, double front pockets with flap and side opening.

Overall - Qualitex

Available in dark grey.

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Breathable Qualitex membrane - water and wind repellent.Padded lining. Reflective tape around legs. Concealed zipper under storm flap in front. Concealed zipper along legs with adjustable leg at hem. Two front pockets with concealed zipper, back pockets with flap.

Wool Seat Cover

Easy to install/remove

If you operate the vehicle in regions prone to cold temperatures, upgrade with our 100% wool seat cover. Quick to remove if needed and provides excellent winter comfort . As a bonus, it significantly increases the lifetime of your seat upholstery.

Heated Grips

Recommended Upgrade!

Always warm hands. Soft, grippy rubber handles for optimal comfort and control. Battery saving mode turns the grip of after 15 minutes to save energy if your forget.

Tires / Wheels


Winter Tires - Stud Free

145/70 R13

Falken Eurowinter or similar. Winter tires with a special rubber mix to provide optimal traction on snow, ice and slush.

Winter tires - studded

155/70 R13

Falken Eurowinter or similar. Winter tires with a special rubber mix to provide optimal traction on snow, ice and slush. Added studs to increase traction and safety.

Summer Tires

145/70 R13

A flow-optimised asymmetrical tread structure and a tread compound that has been specially developed for strong grip in the wet. It features large outer shoulders, with lateral stiffness, for high grip while cornering. The tyre is rated grade A on the EU Tyre Label for wet grip, indicating the highest possible performance in wet and rainy conditions.

Aluminum Rims

Curb appeal!

The Paxster gets a lot of attention on the streets. Why not improve the curb appeal by upgrading from standard steel rims? Also, aluminum rims are easier to polish and has superior corrosion ressitance compared to steels rims. Especially in moist climates!



Ergonomic Brake Lever

Recommended Upgrade

All day is about starting and stopping in last-mile. The custom brake lever offers a smaller offset compared to the original, reducing the strains and braking effort. Ideal for those with small hands!


Weather protection

The front canvas is a system designed to ensure your mail is dry and protected from theft. You can chose between locable with key, lockable with KEY-fob or non-lockable, only with a zipper.

Key Fob

Recommended Upgrade!

The key-fob is used to operate ignition, cargo box door locks and if selected, the front storage protection system (i.e. canvas or parcel box). This improves safety and efficiency.

Reverse Camera

Great overview

Our reversing camera gives excellent overview behind your Paxster. It automaticlly aactivates when reversing.