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A green solution

Sustainability Efforts > Committed to the future!

At Paxster, we are very conscious of our environmental and social responsibility. Sustainability is a key part of our guidelines and daily work. Sustainable development plays a key role in the development of new products and services, choice of technology and supplier relationships. 

We believe that sustainability is capable of making a positive contribution to our long-term business success.

Sustainable Development

Paxster wants to be a contributing party to the UNs 11th Sustainability Goal of making cities clean, safe and sustainable. From day one our range of vehicles is designed with both environmental impact and efficient operation in mind. 

Beeing ISO-14001  approved, environmental considerations are made in every action we make.


Being manufactured in Norway has its benefits to the environment! 98% of our energy is derived from renewable energy sources, such as hydropower and wind. With only 20g Co2/KwH, Norway is among the world leaders in green energy! This will directly benefit your efforts to reduce carbon footprint. 


During operation, our products have ZERO emissions to air. This significantly reduces air pollution in the local environment. And thanks to a highly efficient drivetrain, the Paxster creates no smells or noises. Use our smart regenerative brakes to recycle energy while on the road.


Approximately 95% of the materials used to build and ship a Paxster are recyclable OR re-usable. As one example, the batteries can be re-used to store solar energy or as backup batteries in other applications.