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Define your own events and geographical zones or boundaries and receive a notification whenever an event like high speed, unplanned activity and activity outside predefined areas takes place. And since our system is fully integrated with the vehicle, you can also set "vehicle behavior", like turning on-off lamps or setting max speeed.

Geofencing is included in Fleet Connect Premium subscription and can be purchased on a per-vehicle basis. 


Geo-based Events and Alerts

  • Create virtual fences around areas or locations. 

  • Create unlimited notification alerts.

  • Immediately detect unplanned events. 

  • Set vehicle performance / behavior parameters.

Working with Geofence in Oslo

Paxster is now trialing Geofence in a project with the Norwegian Traffic Administration, Oslo Municipality and Bring Cargo. The project is geared towards a smarter, greener and more efficient way to transport goods in urban areas.