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Vehicles and Digital Products

Industry solutions for green and efficient distribution

Finding the optimal solution for last-mile or SmartCtiy distribution tasks is an important economic factor for any distribution business. Environmental aspects are also of growing global significance. This is why we have tailored our vehicles and digital products precisely to your requirements.

Paxster Delivery 750L

Designed to deliver! With a narrow platform, saddle seat, no doors and the cargo located in close proximity to the operator, this vehicle are tailored for efficient, safe and ergonomic distribution. 


In addition, the 2020 models feature several exciting news. Click below to read more.

Paxster Cargo 1000L

Built on the same platform as Delivery, the Cargo was designed with urban parcel distribution and route consolidation in mind. 

The Cargo features significantly more volume, improved cargo security and smart solutions for parcel delivery. 

XL Concept 2000L

The XL offers a total of 2 cubic-meter of cargo space, and can easily fit a standard pallet (80x120) in the rear cargo box. Having the same width as the other models ensures that the XL can provide excellent navigability and efficiency in urban areas. 

Trike Concept

With the Trike Concept Vehicle, Paxster finally enters the three-wheeler segment. A three-wheeler with remarkable stability and performance. The concept is based on its bigger brothers, designed with optimal ergonomics and efficiency and safety in mind. 


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Embrace the IOT revolution and connect your vehicle! Not just another fleet management system, but a fully integrated system that provides functionality of tomorrow.