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A passion for last mile efficiency

At Paxster, we’re not just coming along for the ride. Developing smarter vehicles, accessories, and services that raise your productivity - we are confident we can lower costs and increase profitability. We are passionate about innovative solutions that help you work smarter - not harder. 

Read below about or services and let us know how we can assist to help you solve the challenges of the future. 

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Get to know the facts of our product

A modern fleet of distribution vehicles need a range of vehicles. We are happy to assist with needs assessment as it relates to Paxster, as well as operational help the test period. Drawing on our experience, we can provide recommendations regarding test conditions, help you set up the particulars of the test phase, share previous experience and assist on determining KPIs including data collection.



Get a flying start

When commissioning a fleet of Paxsters, there are many questions. We have the experience to assist you in all aspects and answer any questions. Let us help you with setting up proper acceptance tests, charging infrastructure specifications, finding the right clothing for your drivers, etc. We also know that the first weeks in a brand-new vehicle can be challenging for many. That is why we also offer to monitor performance and faults directly through Fleet Connect and talk directly with the local manager or technician.

Charging a Tesla using the Paxster!


We are with you all the way

We are your ideal service partner, providing scheduled maintenance, inspections, damage repairs, and operator training. 

Excellent service means short response and resolution times, whether it is for operational stops or immediate spare part needs. 

Our service department is happy to assist you with any need you may have. 

Stay tuned, as more information is coming shortly. 

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Maintenance Cost Monitoring

Keeping the unwanted costs down!

No one knows the Paxster vehicles better than us. When opting for a service provided directly by Paxster employed technicians, this is already included.


If you are using a third-party service provider (automotive workshop or a national provider), include Paxster to monitor and control invoices. We are absolutely sure we can keep your costs down to a minimum. 

This also allows us to provide suggestions for improvements or training where needed.