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With the latest concept, Trike, Paxster finally enters the three-wheel market. The trike offers remarkable stability, an excellent turning radius and maintains the advantages of its bigger brothers.



Expected Features:​

  • Dims: 235.5 X 118 X 186cm

  • Weight: 350kg

  • 145/70 R13 Tires

  • Steel Rims

  • Coil-over Shock Absorbers

  • NEW: Long-life Drum Brakes [Rear]

  • NEW: Disc w. Long Life Pads [Front]

  • NEW: Brake Pedal

  • NEW: Electro-Magnetic Park Brake

  • NEW: On-board Charger, Type 1

  • ABS Plastics Body

  • 3-point Safety Seat Belt

  • In-glass Defroster and Sun Visor

  • 12V Power Outlet



The heart and soul of your delivery machine!

The Delivery Cargo Box offers a total of 750 liters with storage capacity. In addition, you will have 150 liters in the front section.

Both the front cargo section, as well as the cargo box internal layout can be tailored to fit your exact needs (e.g. specific tray system). Several standards available.

900 liters capacity



The cargo box is made of lightweight aluminum to optimize vehicle weight. The doors have a 50/50 configuration and a 180degree opening w. ball catch.



1-7 steep hill_edited.jpg
HMS hendlel_edited.jpg


BRAKEASSISTANT provides automatic hill-hold and hill-assist. In addition, it automatically applies parking brakes. The system will assist anyone who needs to halt the vehicle at a gradient and then relaunch without struggle. It also boosts efficiency in distribution by allowing the driver to quickly exit the vehicle. 


For customers with frequent start/stops, the SENSEBRAKE-feature is a significant upgrade this year. The on-board computer recognizes when, and how hard the brake lever is pressed and applies regenerative brakes. The brake force is determined by the pressure you apply on the lever, enabling best-in-class lifetime for your brakes. 


By activating the green driving guide, you will be motivated to consume less energy, while maximizing the use of regenerative braking. This not only save brake wear, but gives you greater driving range and shorter charing times at night. Great for you, great for the environment.



Our batteries will provide safe and reliable power, keeping you on the road for a full day of delivery. And to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a 5yr warranty on the EV battery and BMS.



48V LiFePo
100Ah cells / 5.1 kWh
40-60 km realistic range


42V LiFePo
180Ah cells / 8.2 kWh
50-85 km realistic range


48V LiFePo
180Ah cells / 9.2 kWh
60-100 km realistic range