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Small Footprint, Big Impact. 

Our model range is designed with a small footprint. Physically and environmentally. And through our design, customers create a significant positive impact on profitability, image, and environmental footprint. 



More then ever, last-mile companies discover the benefits of Paxster in urban mobility. Not only our products, but our services as well!

DHL Express testing the all-electric Paxster

DHL Express (Norway): The world’s leading logistics company with more than 98.000 vehicles and a global reach are now testing Paxster Cargo for the distribution of small-medium size parcels in Oslo.


Paxster is proud to work with DHL Express in a project aimed at finding better solutions for inner-city distribution and reduced environmental footprint.

Dominos Pizza Green Delivery

Dominos Pizza, recognized as the world leader in pizza delivery and a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.


Dominos Pizza Norway are operating the Paxster Delivery from two locations in Oslo, with good results!

Click below to see more about their experience and operations. 

#ELSKEDEBY ("Belowed City")

Elskede By (Oslo, Norway): We are living in a growing city, in terms of citizens and infrastructure and together we need to find new ways of preserving our beloved city.


Reducing traffic, emissions and noise is a challenge we need to solve together. Elskede By represents unique cooperation to create a more sustainable and living city.

See how Paxster as a company and product contributes to this smart city, future-oriented project. 

City of Tønsberg - Parking gone green!

Inspired by the benefits inherent to the Paxster, Tønsberg Parking was the first Park&Control customers to apply Paxster in their operation, and really take a stand when it comes to their environmental footprint by implementing Paxster, and eliminating fossil fuel-powered cars. 

Paxster Activity

For commuters, recreational use, small businesses and more. 

Amedia challenging current delivery model

Amedia wants to reduce the environmental impact of its last-mile operations, while at the same time finding more efficient solutions to manage a growing number of different products and complexity. 


The corporation is now launching a large-scale winter test using 20 Paxster Cargo electric distribution vehicles to find new ways of improving their delivery model.

Be sure to read more about this great project. 


Front loader

The front loader is one of the many, very important design features that separate Paxster from the rest.


The front loader has a great impact on efficiency and ergonomics throughout the working day.


Select from a wide range of loading racks or lockers to keep your goods dry and safe. Or customize your own.


Read more about cargo management on our product pages. 

The Platform

If you have driven a Paxster, you will know how well the design fits the job to be done. Once it has been tested, there is simply no going back says our drivers.


The saddle seat, centered seating position, narrow platform, and no-doors facilitate effortless and quick-moving in and out of the vehicle.


The handlebar and hand-controls allow fast and ergonomic turning. And most stops can be reached without leaving the vehicle altogether.

And the available cargo area is maximized, both in the front and the rear. 


Our drive module is powerful, silent, efficient, and packed with features you will enjoy. Such as our park brake that automatically comes on when the vehicle stops.


Through our drive module, we offer a best-in-class energy consumption of only 80 watt-hours per kilometer, nearly half the power consumption of all-electric commercial vans.


And in a world were urban space is scarce, more and more customers replace their traditional vans with Paxster alternatives!

Li-Ion Technology

Powerful, safe and reliable Li-Ion batteries to keep you driving between 40-100km, depending on selected battery size (during active delivery).

The battery sits low on the chassis, creating a favorable center-of-gravity. This enables great stability and excellent traction on the rear-drive wheels.  

Based on our track record, we now offer the batteries with a full 5yr warranty.  


With several exciting new concepts and big developments on the 2020 line, Paxster is set to meet the demands of current and new customers. 

Accessories and Digital Products


Embrace the IOT revolution with our full integrated Paxster Connect system

Paxster Connect

Paxster Connect. A real-time tracking and fleet management platform to power your business. Customizable. Scalable. And unlike any other - 100% integrated in all vehicle systems.


All the standard reports you need (trip and Idle, time on site, harsh driving, eco-driving scorecard, etc.), and as many custom reports as you want.

PaxsterConnect can also integrate with your other software and systems for seamless transfer of tracking and vehicle data.

You can even export actual trip data (tracks) into your existing route planning software.